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Vaults – "Cry No More"

When listening to Vaults, bands like Florence + The Machine and Metric may come to mind. “Cry No More” is a cinematic ballad, which slowly crescendos into a powerful indie electro-pop song. The track opens up with the ringing of a glockenspiel solo, then piano and strings arrive to accompany the commanding vocals. All of these elements soon build up to the memorable chorus “I don’t wanna cry no more, I don’t wanna die no more everyday.”

There is still a lot to learn about the British ensemble, nevertheless, “Cry No More” is a strong introduction that is sure to demand the attention of music fans that adore powerful female singing. There is no information on an album just yet, but I am sure we’ll be hearing more from Vaults in the near future.

Dance · Electro · Electronic


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    TeamDamondYoung September 4, 2013 12:36 PM Reply
  • album preorder goes up Monday ;)

    zoltan September 7, 2013 7:53 AM Reply

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