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G-Dragon - "Coup D'etat" [Video]

Prince of Kpop's Hip Hop side has released his MV leading up to his 2nd album titled Coup D'etat. Along with "Knockout" this song is produced by the creator of twerking Diplo and Baauer. This MV shows a more serious side of G-Dragon than we saw before with "Crayon" and "Go." It shows parts of being a Kpop star and the many different challenges it faces.  Coup D'etat is the French phrase meaning "a sudden deposition of a government." He was caught by Korean police two years ago for smoking weed in a Japanese night club. Perhaps this music video is regarding his frustration with government. Also we can see his style is not normal for Kpop norm as he has indeed become so far from what he use to be a Korean Pop member in a Boy band.

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