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Bloc Party - "Montreal" (EJECA Remix)

 When one thinks of UK indie rock band Bloc Party, it's hard not to think of their eclectic indie style that is unique unto themselves. With lead vocals provided by Kele Okereke, and backed by Russell Lissack on guitar, Gordon Moakes on bass guitar, and Matt Tong on drums; Bloc Party had established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and a group with a devout following. Alas, they recently stated that Bloc Party was going on an "extended break" following their recently finished Four Tourmuch to the disappointment of fans and music critics alike.

While this break-up is unfortunate news, British producer/DJ EJECA attempts to rectify this situation some by delivering a house-heavy remix to "Montreal". While house may have been birthed in Chicago, it flourished greatly among the club/rave scene all over Europe. It seems as of late, house/house-style music has made quite a resurgence stateside with many British producers leading the charge. EJECA's remix is no different with its heavy abundance of upbeat hi-hats, bumping bassline, and overall addictive sound. It's quite a change from Bloc Party's original, but more than anything, it's a reflection of the creative mind of EJECA.



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Gareth Kelly
Gareth Kelly
8 years ago

where can I get a download of this.............