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Lotus - "Cloud 9" (Feat. Ras Arcane and Doodlebug)

The all-embracing, multi-talented band Lotus, has returned with their newest single “Cloud 9.” Lotus transcends musical genres by combining rock, funk, hip-hop, electronica, jazz and many more to create an incomparable sound. Listening to “Cloud 9”, it seems they may be focused on creating a more hip-hop based sound for their soon to be released album Monks.

 “Cloud 9” features the sanguine lyrics of Ras Arcane and Doodlebug (aka Cee Knowledge). Lotus brings in the noise and the laid-back funk, allowing Doodlebug and Ras Arcane to honor the track with their lyrical prowess. “All I wanna do is sit back and unwind watch the stars as they start to align” says Arcane.  All these ingredients create an enjoyable tune, which incites the listener to hit playback at their heart’s content.

Listening to “Cloud 9” stirs up my curiosity for Monks, which is scheduled for a September 10th release date. I expect Monks to be one of Lotus’ most appealing albums to date.  Expect to hear features from Ozay Moore, CX, Mr. Lif, Gift of Gab and more. 

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