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Aster - "Cielo" (Bicep Remix II)

Take a look at Bicep's blog and you get the feeling the lads behind it like the simple things in life. Beefy house and disco, banter and burgers. Staying on course, this remix of Aster's "Cielo" keeps things nicely uncomplicated. Their love of unashamedly retro house music always leads to some great '90's influenced cuts—filleting out the choice elements and then stitching the whole thing back together with a hefty dose of bottom-end. 

This remix mixes some of Biceps favorite ingredients, euphoric synths and high octane vocal ticks, the remix has an air of anything 90s that you can think of with an added garage bump. It's a remix that instantly paints a smile across a sweaty-club-at-5AM's face, and that's what these lads are all about. Many producers, or label owners for that matter, take years to find a voice that's theirs. After a successful  self-released EP, Vision of Love,  from their Feel My Bicep Records outfit and a hugely well received release on Love Fever Records, Bicep are already settling on a style that they can ostensibly call their own—even if most of the best bits would seem to be borrowed from house music's class of '94.

Available on vinyl September 9 and digitally 23 September released by John Talabot's label Hivern Discs.

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