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Denzel Curry - "Bitch Name Bitch" (Feat. Yung Lean)

The South Florida rapper Denzel Curry is dropping his Nostalgic 64 project in only a couple days on September 3rd. Before that, we’re being treated to this cut which is not from that release, but a previous collaboration which sees Freebase and Curry producing a track featuring the one and only Swedish phenom Yung Lean. The lo-fi drawl of a beat is the perfect platform for an ex-Raider Klan member and the king of the Sad Boys to launch into low-key rampages. Following with the sad rap aesthetic, the bpm-draining, head-nodding tune is a drug diatribe that sends the listener into a dizzying stupor, being swept along by brakeless lines only to be bludgeoned down by a hook that sinks in with it’s repetition and simplicity. Existing in a sub-culture which most people, even hip-hop fan will have never seen let alone come to accept these young MCs have released another track further solidifying each as underground fixtures to be watched as they define a sound and a movement still in its fledgling stages.

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