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Cauzndefx - "SHOTGUN" (Prod. Tobacco)

SHOTGUN kicks in a sunny afternoon with greasy garage rock riffage, this is not a video of a chill dude sliding slick lines over sterile beats, no this is Cauzndefx and this is hip-hop still running raw. An ode to existing angry and young today the ego padding that you might be used to hearing are instead visceral scenarios of violence, self-deprecation, and the everyday thrown into a blender. Though not a new track-- it was released in early 2013 on the Dymentionalistic mixtape, the visual accompaniment to the song really does adds to the experience as Cauz’s constant flow ignores hooks and verses and instead just keeps plunging further along this gritty scene. Anyone anxious to bring mosh pits and rebellion back into the forefront of hip-hop should be giddily clamouring for more raucous art like "SHOTGUN" from independent artists like Cauzndefx.

Hip-Hop · Raw-Hop


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