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Pfirter - New State of Consciousness [EP]

Standing as one of South America’s leading faces in the electronic prospect for over a decade, Argentinian producer Pfirter earned his place by releasing continuously inventive music for labels such as CLR, Figure, Synewave, and Stockholm Ltd. After releasing two tasteful remixes for Drumcell’s “Disturbance” that came out last month on CLR, Pfirter finally delivers his long awaited EP, New State of Consciousness, under his own imprint—MindTrip. Already receiving heavy support from artists like DVS1, Luke Slater, and Chris Liebing, this EP will surely be a staple catalog found in many DJ record bags.

Stream: Pfirter - New State Of Consciousness

Track title “New State of Consciousness” does not sell itself short and certainly works as a mind-altering tune. Echoing through, one of the most driving agents in this track—aside from the engineering sounds of the built-in industrial repository—comes from the assertive entity talking through the middle of it.

As the song maintains a rumbling consistency, the hypnotics lock in to an irreversible height once the talking begins. “Iteration” drops in with a punchier sound that retorts the former perfectly. With repetitive developments intact, there’s never a moment that feels too familiar or static through its span. Always evolving within the demesne, “Iteration" fits in perfectly as a peak-time club hit. “All You Need is Volt 1” focuses less on full contortions, yet manages a frenzying reaction with a built-in mass that makes for a lasting impression.

Stream:Pfirter - Iteration

Out now both on 12” and digital formats, pick up New State of Consciousness if you’re up for the ride. Also, for those of you wanting to get a full experience of the damage Pfirter does on the decks, you’re in luck. With gigs ranging from venues within Europe and the Americas for this year, check out his page (listed below) to find out when he’s coming to a city near you.




New State of Consciousness [EP]

  • MindTrip
  • 2013-08-27




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