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Illangelo - "Crash Landing" [Video]

With so many cliché music videos these days, it's nice to see something a bit different and genuinely interesting from producer Illangelo. Famed for being The Weeknd's producer, the Toronto-bred artist breaks off on his own and into the unknown with a project inspired by John Milton's Paradise Lost. The three-pronged affair, named History of Man, looks not only at audio but also visual and literary means to get his creative point across.

In a recent interview with FACT magazine, Illangelo said that he completely tuned himself out from the world and took influence "solely... from the visual and literary art we created." Working in unity with his cousin (and writer) Gieusuppe A. Rosi and artist/designer Jonathan Zawada (who piled ideas from literature for his different compositions), the trio are trying to push the boundaries of music and art.

The video is for his debut single, "Crash Landing", which you can read about here.

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