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Dpat - In Bloom [Album]

Music connoisseurs are constantly on the search for something new. Something that's silky and buttery. Something that will hit your ear and make you say, "whoa". What we have for you today are the slow jams of Houston-based producer Dpat. Enlisted under the Los Angeles record label Soulection, you can already understand and prepare yourself for that certain soulful mood. Dpat's latest album, In Bloom, encapsulates a certain ambiance with an organic feel.  Instead of relying on samples, Dpat takes a turn for live instrumentation such as guitars, pianos, and vocals. As you give the album your fullest attention, there is nocturnal essence emanating behind the beats and haunting vocal loops. It also has a melancholic presence, which adds depth to the seven-piece album. It's a syrupy journey from start to finish, with each track showcasing Dpat's wonderful ear for texture and layering. 

Play: Dpat - Bodyheat

Play: Dpat - Flourish (ft. Atu)


In Bloom

  • Soulection
  • 8/27/13


Chillstep · Electronic


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Keith Alvarez
Keith Alvarez
8 years ago

way dope