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SelloRekT / LA Dreams - "Lipstick Blush"

Sometimes you want your day to be like a John Hughes movie.  That’s what nouveau retro is for, kind of like College or Kavinsky, there’s something about hearkening back to music before grunge, before we became so cynical and self-aware.  Everything was an anthem.

SelloRekt / LA Dreams makes you long for neon lights and bright white Keds.  Having just released the addictive “Avenue Electric” in late-July, S/LA has another one on the way.  Billed as a teaser for a forthcoming version featuring FemmePop, “Lipstick Blush” is more than enough to hold us over in the meantime.  Before the first twenty seconds are over, you’ll be ready to dedicate the second half of your day to listening to the synthesizer and bass intertwine magically.  If that wasn’t enough, the atmospheric claps and reverbed toms are going to cinch the deal.

“Lipstick Blush,” complete with big hair and shoulder pads, is guaranteed to rouse you.  

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