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Hugh Mane - "Back Life"

With each and every release, Running Back continually solidifies itself as a first-class label in the underground house game. As label head and A&R, Gerd Janson has a knack for discovering music for his unique imprint, which blurs the line of retro-inspired deep house music. The 41st release on the label comes from unknown producer Hugh Mane.

"Back Life" starts things off with a bouncy bassline under gentle synths, all floating at 116 BPM to make for an airy vibe. The melodies are played well and cohesive in creating the big picture. The track isn't meant to throw you into the clouds, but ground you in a cosmic groove. According to the label, this is Mane's first and only release, which was recorded onto DAT in London around 1990. More of this please.

Little is known of Hugh Mane, do support his track and the Running Back label: 



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7 years ago

Wow, does EM even have editors to take care of all these typos? You do the artist a disservice, FYI