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Bring Me The Horizon - "Can You Feel My Heart" (Shikari Sound System Remix)

Shikari Sound System (a.k.a. SSS), the alter-ego of post-hardcore British band Enter Shikari, have released a heavy dubstep/brostep remix of Yorkshire metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon. Interestingly enough, the original Enter Shikari was a multi-genre monster group holding three UK Top 5 albums. Their new project was formed in an attempt to focus their efforts on a more electronic-based sound. SSS haven't changed their philosophy, however; their tunes are still as foundation-rumbling and ear-splitting as ever. The remix of "Can You Feel My Heart" serves to perfectly illustrate where the new sound is headed.

SSS aren't ones to stall, either. Soon after announcing the project, they released the dates for their world stage debut. First up on the schedule was a tiny show at London's Electrowerkz, followed by a headlining spot on the Lock-Up Stage at Reading Festival and Leads Festival this coming weekend. They will be finishing their mini debut tour at En Vivo Festival in Bilbao, Spain. If you're in the market for some metal-inspired dubstep, Shikari Sound System may be exactly what you're looking for.

SHIKARI SOUND SYSTEMLive in August 2013 
Wed 21st - London - Electrowerkz
Fri 23rd - Leeds - Festival 
Sun 25th - Reading - Festival 
Fri 31st - Bilbao - En Vivo Festival

Dubstep · Metal


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