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G - Eazy "Been On" [Video]

Today is a good day, simply for the fact that G-Eazy premiered a sweet new track, "Been On", as well as a video to go with it. The video, which is directed by Bobby Bruderle,  is simple, up close and personal; all in all it's reflective of the portrait that Oakland's new favourite MC paints of himself within the song's lyrics. Make no mistake about it, what we have here is an artist who has really come into their own; one who has gradually built up a huge following off the back of a unique style, a solid body of work and hundreds of shows - the way it should be. 

Although there is no title or release date for G's upcoming album, he did have this to say: 'We’ve been working super hard on this new album and I wanted to give everybody a sneak peek to hold them over while I keep working…'. As far as sneak peeks go, this is as wholesome and satisfying as it's likely to get, so enjoy G's new video which can be seen directly below. 



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