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Lee - "namida"

Lee is a multitalented Japanese producer who also raps, paints and designs. While his older work consisted of mostly glitchy, jazz sampling instrumentals with a boom-bap influence, he seems to be taking a different route with his new untitled project. On “namida”, meaning “tears” in japanese, Lee slows down a sample of EddieKendricks “Each Day I Cry a Little” and injects the loop with bursts of passionate snippets. The drum-less yet wonderful beat is reminiscent of some of J Dilla’s work on Donuts and Madlib’s on his Beat Konducta series. This is one of about 20 tracks on the EP that will be made available on his bandcamp on September 6th. While his previous release “Work It Out” can no longer be found, we hope that Lee will be sharing more from what is sounding like a very strong project.

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