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Etapp Kyle - Klockworks 10 [EP]

After creating a name for himself in Moscow’s subversive scene, Ukranian producer Etapp Kyle finishes brewing his most recent creative efforts in Klockworks 10. Released under Ben Klock’s personal imprint—Klockworks—the seal of approval by one of music’s most luminary figures is enough to perk people’s ears and place him on high alert worldwide. Delivering four unique tracks with ranging motions, reaching the end of this minimalistic venture will have you feeling warm and cozy all over.

“Astra” introduces the EP with expected dense kick rumbles and dissonant sound patterns that had me thinking upon my first listening, "now, this is techno". Panning out to a finesse sound with its silky chords, the song struts confidence as the origins jointly provide proper entrance to a more transcendental consciousness. Segueing to “Drama”, the looped melody that lingers through the song creates a mesmerizing effect evoking a slumbered daze with a tinged darkness. Add a pair of riding hats along with aligned claps, and you have a track set for continuous play.

Stream: Kyle, Etapp - Drama - Kyle, Etapp

The mood shifts on the B-side as “Aurora” finds the incremental spellbinding energies of darker moods come to a full unfolding. As the astronomical reference in the title suggests, the impacts of different energetic flows provide a keen sense of vitality here. The final track, “Prizma”, feels like a borrowing of the former three and then some. Occupying the most driving melody (in my opinion, of course) of the release, the track journeys through elaborate depths that demonstrate a love for the technical and phonetic – a must listen.

Stream: Kyle, Etapp - Prizma - Etapp Kyle

A squared release with four distinctive angles to choose from, Klockworks 10 reminds us of the wonders that well-thought out music has on our senses, while also reaffirming Klock’s individual label as a dependable source for a special kind of techno. For more on Etapp Kyle be sure to keep up with him via his Facebook page linked below. Enjoy! 


Etapp Kyle

Klockworks 10

  • Klockworks
  • 2013-08-16
Electronica · Techno


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