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Brownstone - "If You Love Me" (Wayward Bootleg)

Many artists have taken on the task of reworking Brownstone’s celebrated 90’s track, “If You Love Me,” but few have done so in the same charming and tranquilizing way that Wayard has. Managing to remain perfectly balanced on the fine-lined tight rope that comes with remixing a well-known classic, the London-based dyad, composed of Louis Greenwood and Lawrence Gale Hayes, has superbly combined a loyalty towards the structure and soul-infused vocals of the original R&B hit with a desire to transform it into a modern and easy-going musical memento. Filled with feel-good piano synths and a simplistic light-hearted dance beat, this pleasing tropical track qualifies as food of the gods in my musical cookbook.

Wayward’s other two singles “Only Flaw” and “Marvin” are also refreshing, equatorial-themed reworks which you’re sure to like if you enjoy wrapping yourself up in soothing melodic blankets that stem from house, tropical and garage genres. The UK duo's aim with their productions is to "structure tunes that take you on a little musical journey," and all three of their released tracks show that they're right on target with that objective. The "If You Love Me" bootleg, "Only Flaw," and "Marvin" are all available for download on their Facebook page in exchange for pressing the “like” button, which I’m sure won’t be too hard to do.

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