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Goldroom - "St. Ides Heaven" (Elliot Smith Cover)

The LA-based production project Goldroom, headed by Josh Legg, surprised listeners with an ode to Elliot Smith yesterday. Known for his poppy synths and twinkling disco lines, the California-loving producer typically brings fans poolside vibes with previous productions like "Fifteen" and "Sydney Dreams". The "St. Ides Heaven" cover was only an extra treat for listeners, after the announcement of Goldroom's next EP release, Embracedue out September 9, as well as new North American tour dates.

Replacing Elliot Smith's dark desperation with a glowing synths would typically be questionable, but Legg's nod to the late great songwriter, proves his ability to poke holes in what dance music can often miss. He wrote via Soundcloud:

Elliott Smith is one of my songwriting idols, simple as that. Sometimes I really feel like the emotional songwriting part of music gets a bit lost within the dance music world, which was a big reason I picked this amazing song to cover. I just wanted to try and do my best to honor such a great musician and one of my favorite songs.

Though the song still holds on to Goldroom's habitual summertime feeling, Legg's rendition of "St. Ides Heaven" gives the emotionally-driven 1995 track a revival no one expected. The introduction of Elliot Smith into dance music not only proves the vast canvas Goldroom holds, but abilities of the constantly evolving genre of EDM. 

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