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MAKJ - "Hakaka"

What happened to MAKJ over the course of 2013 is nothing short of astounding. Though DJing has long been a part of Mackenzie Johnson’s life (he even received tutelage from DJ AM whom he unknowingly befriended while hanging out with DJ Politik), it wasn’t until this year that he took the scene by storm, commanding attention with his bold productions and sensational sound. However, this sudden notoriety came two years after his first big appearance, that with North America’s only touring festival, IDfest, in 2011. From there MAKJ took a break from touring to spend time in the classroom and studio, honing his skills as a producer. Needless to say, the time away, coupled with fresh management and a new agent, have suited him well.

Following "Springen", his most recent charting success with Hysteria Records, MAKJ releases "Hakaka" on Michael Woods' Diffused label. Full of breaks that impart an epic sense of urgency (fitting as the title means 'good fight' in Polynesian) and drops of running melodies atop climbing synths, it's a track that ought not be trifled with. When asked for three words to describe what it feels like to hear "Michael Woods is going to release your song", MAKJ replied, "I have Wood(s)."A clever reply from a talented musician whose career has only just begun.

Stream:MAKJ - Hakaka (Original Mix)




  • Diffused
  • 2013-08-13
Dance · Electro House


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