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Le Youth – C O O L [Remixes]

2012 saw one of the most brilliant re-appropriations of an early 2000s R&B and pop song that I think I’ve ever seen. “Refractive” is the word he uses to describe his style, but LA-based Le Youth’s style is perfectly described by the title of the track that made him so famous last year. “C O O L” is a smooth, sexy reimagining of Cassie’s 2006 pop hit “Me & U,” sampled in such a way that lots of artists have flocked to remix it. So many in fact, that there have been three instances where a new remix EP has been released over the past 6 weeks. The remixes vary in their layered depth, their deepness and level of bass, but all seem to retain that original breezy and sophisticated look at the track that gave it an almost vintage ’90s dance feel. Check them all out below and decide on your favorite, because quite honestly, I’m not sure that have made my own decision yet. Is it the Miami-based Brass Knuckles? The soulful deep house king Ben Pearce? The chill, emotive instrumentals from Lane 8? I don’t think, after writing that, that a decision on “the best” should or can be made; they’re all great for different moods.

Dance · House · Nu-disco · Progressive


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  • Awesome! I was just thinking about this song today.

    Avatar loyalistlord August 13, 2013 7:19 PM Reply
    • The same thing happened to me!

      steph steph August 14, 2013 8:21 AM Reply

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