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Johan Reinhold – "Ghost"

"What if Phil Collins was young again, joined Miike Snow and had Lykke Li writing his lyrics?" is the first thing that Swedish indie pop musician Johan Reinhold recently said of his music via email. Because of this, before hitting play we were intrigued as to what the final product would sound like. After giving it some thorough listens it is evident that he was spot on with his description, as his latest track "Ghost" is the perfect amalgamation of the aforementioned artists.

With some bold and crisp melodies provided by Astma and Michel Rocwell of NONONO fame, the song is clearly a departure from Reinhold's musical past as a well known hip-hop artist within his native country. Check out the track down below, and show Johan some love, as this won't be last from this rising star.


Indie · Pop · Soft Rock


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  • well, its an "okay" song. His voice is rather annoying. I know he'll get views from the earmilk page, but to me its a bit..ehh…i dont know…its a good song, but his voice sounds fake and annoying. I couldn't listen to this longer than 3 minutes. Why does every artist want to sound like everyone on the radio in america. its lazy sounding and its over used. I wish i could find somebody original to listen to, who steps out of the box of mainsteam american music. -Rekcah

    Rekcah31 August 9, 2013 8:49 PM Reply
    • Might I suggest Death Grips?

      NickV August 10, 2013 12:49 AM Reply

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