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Deca - "Breadcrumbs" [Video]

2013 has been a fairly good year in terms of hip-hop, as noted by the fairly eclectic releases from artists such as Action Bronson, Ka, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Chance the Rapper. Though the aforementioned rappers, as well as many others, achieved much success with their respected projects, If you were to come to me with any other video than Deca's "Breadcrumbs" and deem it as the best video of the year, I'd slap it right back in your face and start wagging my finger while doing my best Dikembe Mutombo impression.

Featuring some superb stop-motion animation, the visuals are a breath of fresh air from the usual "let's just throw my borrowed money over some dancers and call it a day" type nonsense that's usually associated with rap. This video takes it back to the time of story telling alongside some potent rhymes as Deca flows with the nonchalant instrumental.  Deca's next LP, The Ocean, drops September 17th and I highly suggest you keep your eyes on him before he blows up.

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