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Solomon Grey - "Gascarene Sound"

The electronic duo Solomon Grey just released their latest video for their hauntingly beautiful track “Gascarene Sound” and just like the song, the visual counterpart echoes eerily similar sentiments of emotion, beauty, and melancholy. Directed by Thom Undrell, the video delves deep into the ocean waters where everything seems still and uncannily serene. The reverberations of the falsetto vocals, whirring drum patterns, and careful use string synths create a sense of ethereal like sensations.

Known for making music that echoes the turbulent, wild nature of their surroundings, the duo pulls inspiration from their past travels. Spending three years constructing a sound that spans across two hemispheres, both the Irish coastal wilderness and barren Australian plains, the twosome faced enduring relationship tensions, extended travel periods, desolation and the beauty found within it, all resulting in a vision they hand crafted together. With comparisons to Rhye and Bon Iver the duo finds the perfect balance of fusing together beauty and gloom to create something brilliant and fresh. 

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