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Nick Garcia - Strength To Leave [LP]

Spanning the realm of electronic sub-genres consisting of ambient, bass, and future garage, producer Nick Garcia releases his first official LP entitled Strength To Leave. Garcia, a Boston-based producer and DJ, releases the album on his own label, HNDMD. Strength To Leave is not just a singular album that spans one variety of music. Nick Garcia shows the depth of his production skills and his ability to bring all forms of electronic music into one beautifully-constructed piece. Strength To Leave stays on the forefront of accelerated future-type music, all while still keeping his music to a melodic form for all.

It's tracks such as "Now You're Gone" that use quick shuffling garage type beats and pitched vocals layered over classic bass guitar loops, blending electronic and real world instruments and making for upbeat catchy new-age music. My personal favorite track off the album, though, is "Verbium", a mellow and deep garage style track that samples vocals off of Brandy's "U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)" that keeps with the new popular R&B revival.


Nick Garcia

Strength To Leave

  • July 18, 2013
Bass · Garage · Post-dubstep


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