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Osen & Baha - "The Warrior"

17 year old DJ/producer extraordinaire Osen (aka Jose Meza) continues to impress with his take on big beat progressive house.  His latest release with Turkish producer Baha, "The Warrior" continues his trend of mixing elegant rolling synth lines into memorable prog house anthems.  But what impresses me most on this new release are the slick, passionate vocals of relative-newcomer Shaun Frank.  Sounding something like a mix of Matt Beilis and Coldplay's Chris Martin,  the vocals are memorable and unusually gripping.  Overall, the song is a great production from two up-and-coming artists, and I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more from them.  Check out the track below, and buy it on Beatport today.

Stream:Osen & Baha - The Warrior

Osen and Baha - The Warrior

Osen & Baha

The Warrior

  • Cr2 Records
  • 7-26-2013
Dance · Progressive


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