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Sailor & I - "Tough Love" (M A N I K Summer Skeleton Mix) [Video Premiere]

Contrary to Sailor & I's opening line of their new debut single "Tough Love", it is getting better! Or at least, the actual song is getting better with a little help from M A N I K, a native NYC DJ/Songwriter. M A N I K has taken the powerful single from the up & coming Swedish band and turned it into his own Summer Skeleton mix. M A N I K adds his own flair to the already emotionally driven song that flows like hot blood to the pumping heart. The visually stimulating video features former Olympic Swimmer Peter Prijdekker taking a swim in a cold, deep lake, which might help cool us down in case we are getting too hot out on the dance floor. Check out the video below. 

sailor and i

Sailor & I - "Tough Love"

(M A N I K Summer Skeleton Mix)

  • Black Butter Records
  • 07-29-2013


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