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HAIM - "The Wire"

Though LA-based sister trio HAIM have yet to release a full length album, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the band only seems to grow with the release of every new single, as each one continually sounds more fully realized than the last. The sisters have once again proven this trend to be true on the band's latest, and indeed best song to date "The Wire."

On the track the band still sound remarkably like Fleetwood Mac (even the title "The Wire" is strikingly reminiscent of "The Chain"), but the song contains far too many other subtle complexities to be dismissed as mere imitation (but, hey, even if it didn't why not try to base your sound on one of rock music's greatest ever bands). HAIM sound confident beyond their years on "The Wire" and while obviously borrowing certain elements from music of the past, the band still manage to sound entirely fresh in 2013.




"The Wire"


  • Polydor
  • July 29, 2013


Indie · Rock


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