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Bipolar Sunshine - "Long Live A$AP" (A$AP Rocky Cover)

I'm always a bit wary when it comes to people covering songs. I either love the cover or hate it. One of the main things that makes me love a cover of a song is when the artist puts their own touch on it, which is exactly what this track has. Adio Marchant, a.k.a Bipolar Sunshine, is an artist hailing from Manchester, England, who was previously in the group Kid British, a six-piece band that fused indie, reggae and hip-hop to create their own sound.

After the group disbanded late last year, Adio focused his attentions onto his Bipolar Sunshine project. This dope cover of A$AP Rocky's "Long Live A$AP" has caught the attention of the man himself, who recently showed the cover during an interview with a Polish Youtube channel. Bipolar Sunshine has put his own touch on this cover, with the only instrumentation being his voice and a guitar that gives the track soul and passion, whilst also adding in lyrics from other Rocky tracks "Wassup" and "Purple Swag".

Bipolar Sunshine has recently released his debut EP Aesthetics, a four-track project (including a remix) that touches on a lot of influences, including indie and soul. You can stream Aesthetics in full below, and the EP is also available to purchase from iTunes  (here for our European readers).

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