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The Sundowner - "Levels (Part 2)"

Mike Simonetti is a DJ and producer who frequently wears many different hats and is responsible for some of the more underground sounds this side of the Atlantic. He's the founder of the labels Italians Do It Better and Troubleman Unlimited and his his moniker, The Sundowner, seems to be another new project on a new label New Jersey Records. This isn't the same Jersey Shore house music you've heard before, but more of the "jack ya body" acid house sound. His latest, "Levels (Part 2)" is a track in that style that focuses on an acid loop and takes you through different textures and drum patterns, and is rocking and raw in every way. Simonetti isn't afraid to do his thing, no matter how weird it might sound to others, and you can tell he's honest to his sound and isn't selling out to make money. His Soundcloud even dedicates this track to Avicii: that's whats up!

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/102165888" iframe="true" /]


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