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Priyanka Chopra - "Exotic" (Feat. Pitbull) (Cahill Club Remix) [Exclusive Download]

While many of our readers may not be familiar with the multifaceted Priyanka Chopra, a half-world away the singer/songwriter and Bollywood star has built an empire that stretches to our shores. With her debut album on the way, Chopra revealed the lead single, "Exotic", to the world back on July 9th, a summer anthem that tapped rapper Pitbull's vocals and verteran pop producer RedOne's skills. With "Exotic" the classically trained singer and former Miss World winner brought a fan-pleasing fusion of East meets West and a testament to it's popularity can be seen in the week and a half old video below, which already has received over 6.5 million views.

On Monday the remix pack arrived on Beatport, chock-full of  reinventions by artists such as Popeska, Aylen, and this features'  trio, Cahill. Hailing from the UK, Anton Powers, Tim Condran, and Scott Rosser got their start with the acclaimed track "Trippin On You", a tune that launched a career which has seen Cahill work with superstars, like Mariah Carey and Robbie Williams. Now add to that their remix of Priyanka Chopra's "Exotic", an edit that blends modern house influences with classic Bollywood attributes: builds form around layered choral progressions, breaks make way for traditional Hindi vocals, all while a metallic flute line carries a listener throughout the track.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/101686571%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-6zjBW" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

If you like what you hear, head over to Chopra's site to download Cahill's remix for only the cost of an email and follow Cahill on Facebook for more pop and electronic remixes.


Priyanka Chopra

"Exotic" (Feat Pitbull) (Cahill Club Remix)

  • Interscope | 2013-07-22
Dance · Pop


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