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TiRon & Ayomari - "Big Apple Don't Chew"

As with almost any genre hip-hop/rap is not without the passing fads. In the world of hip-hop lyrical trends come and go and help spawn new (sometimes ridiculously) off the wall new cultural creations and additions to hip-hop fans' vernacular. These cultural tumbleweeds can come in the form of slang terms such as "phat", "funky cold medina" (c. 1989 see  Tone Lōc) and "crunk" (c. 2004 see Lil Jon). With the latest widespread adoption of the term "turn up" finding its way into mainstream American vernacular coupled with rapper's lyrical (and many times real) infatuation with "molly" (MDMA), prescription medication and an assortment of other mind altering substances, many of which are arguably viewed as nontraditional recreational substances not readily associated with traditional hip-hop culture (whatever your definition of that may be).

Likely unsurprisingly cognizant of the overwhelming trends of compulsory drug references and the all pervasive "turn up" epidemic found in hip-hop/rap music, Cali duo TiRon & Ayomari recently released their latest release “Big Apple Don’t Chew”. Released as the duo prep their forthcoming full-lenghthrelease The Great New Wonderful, “Big Apple Don’t Chew” find the two emcee taking aim at the all-consuming materialism and no hold barred pursuit of fame and power in the rap game while trading bars and satirizing the current state of the hip-hop. Spitting over repurposed production taken from Denaun Porter's Robert Glasper inspired beat tape, Porter Chops Glasperthe duo send an abrasively poignant message without casting shade or placing direct blame

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Free of sanctimoniously packaged sentiments or a condescending tone TiRon & Ayomari hit the mark with their satirical commentary on not just hip-hop/rap but the entertainment industry as a whole. Stream the track above and check out the TiRon & Ayomari's The Wonderful Prelude Pt. 2 via the link provided below.


TiRon & Ayomari

The Wonderful Prelude Pt. 2

  • The Cafeteria Line
  • June 18, 2013




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