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Pusherman - "Track Ascend" [Premiere]

The UK production genius that is Pusherman presents us with the premiere of “Track Ascend,” a layered disco heavy, house tune that is the first track on a newly released collaboration EP entitled WRHS001. The collaboration, which combines the talents of Pusherman and fellow UK mates Unit 7 (founders of the WRHSmusic label), has resulted in the production of three pulsing warehouse tracks that you don’t want to miss out on.

While Unit7 was studying at university they discovered a warehouse space, which ultimately gave birth to their imprint 'WRHSmusic.' 'WRHSmusic' has a vision that pushes the boundaries, while giving a respectful nod to the foundations of the entire electronic music scene. The duo comments, “Their label WRHSmusic is uncompromising – it takes the electronic music back to first principles – the Warehouse vibe and aesthetic. We aren’t old or lucky enough to remember the original Warehouse raves, but we feel a deep nostalgia for that time like some sort of shared memory or dream. WRHSmusic is us closing our eyes and trying to recreate that idea now with the ways things are in this era. It allows us to release music, programme parties and curate performances that all have this strong vision about them.”

The launch of the label comes in the form of a AA sided EP with two tracks from Pusherman and one from the label owners Unit7 which will be available for download on August 12th. “Track Ascend’s” melodic chords pierce through with their own twilight tones and distinct club infused style. Repetitive vocal samples and crisp clasps bring you into the deep depths of the late night dancefloor.

Through “ Track Ascend” and the other 2 tracks on WRHS001 [EP], “Alysia’s Theme” and “On My Mind," Pusherman and Unit 7 attempt to take on the role of acting as portals back to the foundations of the original electronic music scene, while at the same time look to reflect a contemporary vision and aesthetic of warehouse vibes and culture. We think this attempt by theses two artists, which has resulted in generating a healthy nostalgia with music's past and set of compelling dance tracks, has been nothing but successful. 

Stream:>Pusherman - Track Ascend


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