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Lange - "A Different Shade of Crazy"

It's always exciting to see well established artists break away from their own style, and do it well. British producer and DJ Lange has done that with "A Different Shade of Crazy," except he's busted open a few more doors on his way out. Bringing this new sound to his own Lange Recordings, it's hard to pin point this track under one genre or one type of club appeal (all signs of a job well done in my book). The approach to "A Different Shade of Crazy" is edgy in a way that we don't see very often in dance music; its twists and turns are an avant garde expression, a page turner between techno, electro and trance. It's quite an introduction to the artist album We Are Lucky People, due out in November.

Stream: Lange - A Different Shade Of Crazy (Original Mix)


A Different Shade of Crazy

  • Lange Recordings




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