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DICKSQUAD - Now That's What I Call DICKSQUAD: Volume 1 [LP]

Now That's What I Call DICKSQUAD Volume 1 LP is a testosterone-filled compilation of some of the catchiest Jersey Club music you will find to date. DICKSQUAD seems to find a rare balance as a collection of refreshing. innovative party hits and a gritty assault of sexual, all-in-good-fun content.

The compilation begins with the appropriately titled "#DICK" by Tone Capo and sets the obnoxiously phallic tone of the club and trap-inspired compilation. This snare and hi-hat filled track features a Beverly Hills Cop theme song sample, fitting considering the equally serious and comedic duality of Eddie Murphy's title character. It leads into "Diq2Day" in which RaceCarBed and Thunderbird Juicebox seem to pay homage to the rave party culture using sirens and a 4/4 rhythm, encouraging everyone to get some "dick-dick-dick-dick" in the process. Histo's "Gurl Gimme Dat" solidly follows in modern day synth-trap fashion, jumping back and forth between the genres with its use of the classic Jersey/Baltimore club rhythm.

The compilation then turns to Brick Bandit DJ Rell who brings us a remix of Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie". Rell's track is devastatingly energetic with horn samples and heavy 808s and his vocal chops twist Justin's words to hilariously repeat "let me show you a dick" throughout the song. At this point the compilation takes a turn for the more sensual and melodic side of Jersey Club with Whiskers Po's "Birthday Cake" remix. Using silky pads, cascading melodies, and meticulously arranged vocal chops, Whiskers Po accomplishes a tune as ready for the club as it is for the bedroom. Another Brick Bandit, DJ Kiff, brings us "Get Up On That Dick". Kiff constructs his tune with heavy bass alongside whimsical complimentary piano chords. The cracking whip sample and high pitched synths wrangle the crowd to keep dancing or ride some dick already.
DICKSQUAD Vol. 1 begins to wind down with another Tone Capo submission, "My Dick is Bigger Than Yours." This mostly rhythmic track uses an amusing "Friday After Next" sample alongside the "It Takes Two" break. The simplicity of the track makes for a great tune to blend among others in a DJ set. DJ Fade's pad-laden "I Want Dick" is as smooth as it is exciting and would be especially effective at the end of a mix as it offers plenty breaks for those on the dance floor. Tanner Caldwell's juke-inspired "Beep Beep Dick Rock" infuses sweet RnB elements using vocals from The Dream's "Shawty is a 10". Alternating between fast-paced dance sections and groovy head-bopping interludes, the track keeps a cheery playfulness throughout. Buzz Trillington and Shooter McNappin's collab on "Ciara Rides the DICKSQUAD" brings a suave finish to the compilation with samples from Guido's "Mad Sax" and more vocal references to bedroom cowgirls.

With the excess of "dick" samples in Vol. 1, listeners will find themselves confused on whether DICKSQUAD wants you to take their music seriously. Maybe that's the point - humor does not necessarily rule out the SQUAD's seriousness in attempting to establish themselves as a dominant force in the club music scene. After the full listen, DICKSQUAD Vol. 1 wets your appetite, among other things, and leaves us excited to get dicked again in the next installment. SQUAD.

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"Now That's What I Call DICKSQUAD: Volume 1"

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