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Jono McCleery - "Ballade" (Djrum remix)

If you are having a bad time and feeling like a good brood then this is the tune to listen to for a good cry via world renowned label Ninja TuneJono McCleery started his career in 2008 where he self-released his first album, Darkest Light, purely from the funding of his fans which shows the devoted cult following that he is. Under Ninja Tune he's lost none of his originality by creating a sound that slots itself somewhere between Radiohead and John Matryn, and although he isn't as well known as these acts, his tunes are no less effective. Once Djrum got his hands on this, he couldn't help but add some of his signature touches to create something a bit more club orientated.

Standing at 7.53 this is an absolute epic that will make you think about life and ever important shit like that. The acoustic guitars from the original are replaced with a more electronic backing accompanied by Djrum's signature percussion. The soulful male vocals mixed with the haunting female vocals create an atmosphere that evokes emotions void in many songs. With ebbs and flows, this track will definitely take listeners on a journey akin to something that Massive Attack would produce. 

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