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Arctic Monkeys - "2013" [Video Stream]

Arctic Monkeys are preparing to release their fifth full length LP AM on September 9.  The album's first single has already been revealed in the form of heavy rock number "Do I Wanna Know?" and the Sheffield quartet have now given us the second cut from AM, "2013." The track showcases the band indulging in a psychedelic jam of sorts.

Singer Alex Turner touches on futuristic topics, ranging from the real ("Twitter" and "Instagram") to the imagined ("flying cars" and "time machines"). At times, Turner's poetry has been difficult to fully decipher in the past, and "2013" proves no exception. Yet, rather than sitting around and contemplating what exactly Turner means when he says "it's 2013 all across the galaxy," it seems worthwhile to simply appreciate the song's undeniable groove. 




Arctic Monkeys



  • Domino
  • September 10, 2013
Indie · Rock


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