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Classixx - "All You're Waiting For" (Feat. Nancy Whang) [Video]

There's not too many tiny Asian women leading the way in dance music, and out of the small group, there's certainly nobody doing it better than former LCD Soundsystem member, Nancy Whang.

The NY based singer is the vocalist for Classixx's "All You're Waiting For," which comes off their amazing debut album, Hanging Gardens. The album itself was highly received by critics, artists, and fans alike, and this track was a standout among standouts. Nancy brings the DFA Records Brooklyn vibe to the production duo's Los Angeles feel to craft together a nostalgic, yet simultaneously modern, sound. 

The music video features Ms. Whang being fabulous, rocking some insane outfits and having well-dressed butlers serve her on a boat. The production was done interestingly by Urban Outfitters, who did a surprisingly good job at keeping overt hipsterism to a low level.

Both Classixx and Nancy Whang have tour dates, which includes a stop at the beloved FYF Fest in LA and shows with Juan Maclean, respectively. Hanging Gardens, the debut album for Classixx, is out now

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