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Purity Ring - "Amenamy" (Jon Hopkins Remix)

Even when just glimpsing at the title, Jon Hopkins and Purity Ring do not seem to really match in that Megan James’ glee-filled voice departs from Hopkin’s organic electronica/ambient style. However, after the opening echoing elements Hopkins treats listeners to a low bass drop that signifies a alteration in styles, allowing himself to fuse his novel style with James' vocals to create a truly unique and pleasurable rework. Hopkins’ distinct version of “Amenamy” offers up a vibrant and glowing take to the otherwise rooted song.

Much like in the bulk of his music, Hopkins manages to build an entire atmosphere around a specific theme. In the case of the "Amenamy" remix the vocals are the constant that the elastic beat tugs in various directions. As the opening repeating vocals imply Hopkins takes on a "Freer" approach at the structured original as the straightforward underlying beat is supported by various lush effects and venturing textures. In all, every added element in the recreated instrumentals blend together seamlessly and give a completely new, experimental direction to "Amenamy." 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/101370376" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

If in the LA area listeners that enjoy both Purity Ring and Jon Hopkins can catch the two at The Fonda Theater in August as apart of Hopkins' long string of dates in support of Immunity.

Downtempo · Experimental · IDM


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7 years ago

Where can we download this song?