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Gary Caos - "Sax Power" [Video Premiere]

We're thrilled to premiere the official music video to coincide with Gary Caos' saxophonomenal (not a real adjective) track that rung in the New Year, "Sax Power" (on sale today, July 16th, 2013). Caos stems from Italy, and fans all over the world have had the opportunity to catch his sets in venues across Europe and the US. Caos' original tracks & remixes have launched with a handful labels. The amount of heads he has successfully turned thus far  speaks measures of the talent he encompasses and future he has in store. 

"Sax Power" is releasing under Parametric Records, a new LA-based label. This is Parametric's first official release, and we stand behind it as a solid one. The video coincides well with the track in evoking a fun and upbeat tone. Apparently, there are consequences to drinking the song in the form of a beverage. The consequence is either a) hallucinating in the form of pop-up break dancers, or b) actually making break dancers appear out of nowhere. Either way, once you drink "Sax Power", the party has officially started. Coincidentally, pressing play on the track itself evokes a party as well. Because we know that "555" in a phone number means that it is fake, we can't tell you the product is real; however, if we were given the opportunity to purchase a 12-pack of "Sax Power", this video would sell us in. Enjoy!

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