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Truncate - "Ratio" (Luis Flores Remix)

Deep in the heart of Los Angeles lies an artist slowly taking over the underground scene with consistent cuts of atmospheric techno hits and notorious secret warehouse parties that go on all night long—despite the city's 2am curfew. The head behind most of this is none other than L.A.’s own Truncate, who also goes by a second alias, Audio Injection. His newest EP, Truncate 9, released under his self-titled imprint, Truncate, carries with it a signature flow of stripped down minimalistic techno we now expect. However, it is Luis Flores’ remix of ”Ratio” that puts the icing on the cake for us. Full of dark and industrious strokes of what can be classified as nothing less than west coast techno, Luis Flores’ dance infused rendition displays an addicting and unsettling contrast to the original track.  Turning up the mood and setting off a chief pitch designed for prime-time play at warehouse parties, the steady and hypnotizing momentum of this track constructs a radiating adventure plenty of techno connoisseurs will surely enjoy.

Stream: Truncate - Ratio (Luis Flores Remix)

Setting up live shows in select cities at (typically) unlisted or secret locations, be sure to stay on high alert for the next opportunity to see Luis Flores play. As for Truncate, in light of his brand new EP he also showcases a fresh podcast for Chris Liebing’s much praised CLR series!



"Ratio" (Luis Flores Remix)

  • Truncate
  • 2013-07-08
Dance · Techno


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