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Jackson Scott - "Together Forever"

Over the past few months, Asheville, North Carolina based songwriter Jackson Scott has been making waves in indie music circles with his homemade brand of guitar-driven, bedroom psyche-rock. Not long ago, Scott arrived in Asheville from his native Pittsburgh to pursue a college degree, as young men often do. Though his studies didn't exactly pan out, Scott fell in love with the town itself, finding inspiration in his environment nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains among townspeople he describes as "into being weird and not really giving a fuck about anyone else being weird." Scott's debut album Melbourne will be released via Fat Possum on July 23.

The single "Together Forever" finds Scott sonically placed somewhere between the catchy guitar melodies of early Weezer and the soft, cozy vocal style of Bradford Cox. A crescendo of screeching, though understated guitars escalates as the track concludes and fades away. Scott's musical career certainly sounds promising as his music continues to travel further and further outside the confines of his Asheville bedroom.

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jackson scott

Jackson Scott

"Together Forever"


  • Fat Possum
  • July 11, 2013
Indie · Psych-rock


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