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Tendts - "I Met A Girl" [Premiere]

Berlin-based Project Mooncircle is one of the more consistent labels out there. With releases from Submerse, Onra, Sweatson Klank (whose recent LP in the same stable is a gem and a half) and even MF Doom under their belt, it's clear they're also willing to take risks that pay off big. Case in point, their newest entry in the Finest Ego collaborative Faces series, which seems to have a nose for fresh and upcoming talent - they were on Ta-Ku with a release back in 2011. Faces Vol. 5 sees a diverse cast of newcomers: Australia's Daixie, UK's Hanami, and Greek duo Tendts. We have a full stream of a track from the latter today - it's hard to pick a favorite, but surely "I Met A Girl" is a slow burner. Listen for yourself:

The simple, analog hiss-laced intro gives way into big percussion and playful plinking. A gradual ascent into a heavenly choir follows before icicle keys envelope and unfurl the track to great effect, melting away as quickly as they condensed. Easy come, easy go, but this one's a keeper. Suffice it to say the rest of the tracks by Tendts are just as ambitious, but the other artists are compelling too: Daixie and Hanami emote and invoke the kind of mood and production expertise you'd expect from the likes of say, Synkro-- not relative unknowns. The full release drops July 26th but you can pre-order it and even grab a handful of tracks from their Bandcamp right now, including "I Met A Girl."

Bass · Dance · Electronic · Experimental


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