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Lazerdisk Party Sex x CRNKN - SWANG

The scratch masters from the Galactic Empire have teamed up with trap legend CRNKN to bring us one truly bass-heavy 98 BPM track. It's got all the tell-tale signs of a Lazerdisk Party jam: the African jangles, the lasers, even the vocal breaks are homemade! Hit the verse and you'll find the classic bass weight of a CRNKN production.

With support from UZ, Craze, Bro Safari, and Nick Catchdubs, the only flop you'll hear today is your neighbor's ass on the wall after "SWANG" prompts an uncontrollable need to twerk. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, because the Party Sex is getting too rowdy to handle.

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Bass · Electronic · Trap · Turntablism


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