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Finding Novyon & D. Glove - "All I Need Is Sunshine" (prod. DJ Sidereal)

While the popular practice of sampling R&B and jazz records was the cornerstone of hip hop, the advent of the Internet has allowed for the digression of this archaic formula. By injecting some new flavour into the Timber Timbre future classic "Black Water", DJ Sidereal, the wunderkind producer who's currently on the come up has brought a hypnotic, head-nodding spin on the Canadian folk jam. Fellow Minnesota natives Finding Novyon and D. Glove provide some fantastic wordplay that beautifully complements the raw nature of the track. "All I Need Is Sunshine" is that seamless blend of instrumentals and wordplay; download the track and show these guys some love.    

Download: DJ Sidereal ft. Finding Novyon & D. Glove - All I Need Is Sunshine



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Hangin' Out w/ Kosha
Hangin' Out w/ Kosha
7 years ago

very turnt up chill times