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Lane 8 - "Be Mine"

Daniel Goldstein may have been the slowest kid on the swim team, but naming himself Lane 8 doesn’t mean he should be in the slowest moving lane musically. Instead he’s made a name for his electronic productions virally, with chill, beachy remixes and originals that have made serious rounds on Soundcloud and Hypem.com. Yesterday marked the San Francisco-based artist’s first original release on a major label, Anjunadeep. “Be Mine” features a funky and laidback bass line, upbeat piano and vocals that’ll make you search your music collection to find where the original sample came from. That vocal is all original too though, done by Patrick Baker. Those elements together make “Be Mine” a great track to blast poolside or even just groove to with headphones on.

Stream:Lane 8 - Be Mine

Lane 8

Be Mine

  • Anjunadeep
  • ANJDEE164D
Deep House


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