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Sultan & Ned Shepard & Fedde Le Grand - "No Good"

It’s easy to make great friends over shared success. That’s what’s seemingly happened with Fedde le Grand and Sultan & Ned Shepard, who watched their last collaboration “Long Way From Home” go from being an anthem of their journey touring together to a frequent festival anthem. Joining forces again today on Spinnin’ Records to release “No Good,” they’ve continued on with their shared retro-leaning club tracks that have surprising twists and turns in style. Giving a nod to the 1984 Kelly Charles track “You’re No Good To Me” and The Prodigy’s update to it that made it a staple in the dance music world ten years later, “No Good” has an appeal that is impressively encompassing. 

Stream: Fedde Le Grand & Sultan + Ned Shepard - No Good (Extended Mix)



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