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Phunk Investigation & Groovebox - "Strictly Funk"

The Italian duo known as Phunk Investigation have paired up with Spanish producer Groovebox to release “Strictly Funk” today on Deeperfect Records. This collaboration is quite unique in the fact it really is an original mix, but it’s not until listening through over half of the song that the baseline inspiration for the track peeks through. Many tracks released recently have hearkened back to productions that fueled the start of the dance music movement in the 1980s, with disco and soul at their roots. But on “Strictly Funk,” the creativity comes from a bit of a different place: the techno, psychadellic big beats style made famous in the 1990s by artists like The Prodigy. The funky house style that both parties are well-schooled in is catchy, but extra fuel comes from the almost hidden guitar riffs from dance pioneers The Chemical Brothers’s famous track “Block Rockin’ Beats” subtly intertwined with the house style. 

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Strictly Funk

Phunk Investigation, Groovebox

  • Deeperfect Records
  • DPE616


Tech House


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