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Machinedrum - "Eyesdontlie"

The ever eccentric Travis Stewart, better known as Machinedrum, returns, releasing Eyesdontlie under the Ninja Tune imprint. Stewart is always onto something new with every release, and this is no exception. At first listen, the song is an epic twist that turns down different avenues and conduits. Looking at the song's length (4:48), you realize that Stewart has packed a whole lot into a short amount of time with a dense and complicated production.

Seemingly taking inspiration from traditional composition, "Eyesdontlie" is a journey through different emotions as they morph in each part. Calling him a modern day Mozart is somewhat of a stretch, but there's no doubt that this emotive take on electronic music is deeply engaging. With hints of jungle, pop, and chillwave Stewart creates something so moody and dream-like that it should be examined by an oneirologist.

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