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Starkey - "Space" [Video Premiere]

Philly native Starkey always has a knack for creating fresh and innovative remixes and originals. This past Memorial Day, he released  a knock-down drag-out banger, "Nucleus VIP"Now we are graced with an exclusive premiere of a sultry futuristic video for his latest single "Space". If David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky got together to recreate 2001:  A Space Odyssey, this music video would without a doubt be a scene included in the movie. We follow the protagonist, Elena Barbour, during her daily routine and get a glimpse into what future pleasure machines will look like, and ladies, they look awesome! This gritty and aggressive beat is indicative of old UK grime, with a modern spin to it. You can hear "Space" on The Inter-Mission EP out now on Starkey's own label Seclusiasis, which is available for download on iTunes or Beatport. So without further ado, HAL, please play the Starkey video.

Electronic · Post-dubstep


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