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Inpetto - "Girls & Boys"

One of the marks of a true artist is his or her ability to adapt to change without losing any heart. That's what the German brotherly duo Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, also known as Inpetto have been able to accomplish. Seeing through phases in 90's trance, disco and Euro-house, the guys have picked up some great habits in their production style that make them just plain fun to listen to. Such is the case with "Girls & Boys," a play on a familiar lyric from the British band Blur's 1994 hit of the same name. While the vocals are playful, the synths and rock-infused tone of the production is just as sprightly. Inpetto's signature touch adds the finishing touch of whimsy here, making "Girls & Boys" a great summer anthem.

Stream: Inpetto - Girls & Boys (Original Mix)


Girls & Boys



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